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Mobile, gamified, personalised learning.
Automated real time exercise creation.
Adaptive engine that learns what you need.
ReBeats isn’t supposed to look like a lesson and it’s not meant to replace them - it’s meant to give you a great and fun way to practise reading and listening, while being exposed to real world English.
You’ll learn to recognise how words are spelt, how they fit correctly into a sentence and what they mean in context.
Music and having fun both help your brain to remember things much more easily and the best bit is, you won’t even know you’re learning!

“It made English fun, it made me laugh, I liked it!”
Saumia, 8 year old girl from Sri Lanka
“Such a fantastic idea! I’ll use it with my students as soon as they’re back to class”
Jo, teacher from Malaysia
“It’s so much fun I couldn’t put it down”
Giulia, language lover from Italy

Each one of us learns in his or her own ways, and the best way to learn something is to enjoy it, and to want do it again. The best learning doesn’t feel like studying at all; it just feels good. Our personal passions - whether it be music, film or football - are filled with fantastic language that can motivate us better than any coursebook. So forget studying, and start learning through what you love.